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Redefining Living

Pure Décor is based in NYC and was founded in 2010 connecting people to nature since.  We are a group of interior designers that have passion for nature.

Our approach is providing balance between modern living and the connectivity and peacefulness of nature. We do that with full-Service Interior Design that includes Furniture, Decorative Lighting Selection, Space Planning, plants Selection and installation, accessories and project management.

We believe in using less and doing more by designing eco-friendly spaces that require minimum maintenance and watering while giving the most natural and passionate experience in your home.

Our Focus

Project Plan

1. Introduction meeting

We believe that our client is a part of the project since he will experience our designs daily. Because of that, we begin by connecting with the client and understand his needs.

2. Design Process

After getting to know the client we build a full detailed plan of design and consultation process. It includes plant and furniture selection, lighting and accessories. 

3. Collaboration is Critical

We see a high importance of working in cooperation with architects and contractors in order to reach better results. To provide a natural and seamless space experience.

4. Maintenance

Plants aren’t like furniture they are alive therefore need maintenance. Our staff is well trained and informed about plant care and its’ needs. They will give you all the information you need for maintenance as well as special products for cleaning, fertilizers and insect control.  

5. Installation Process

Your time is important for us, therefore, we do our best to make the installation part efficient. We guarantee a high quality service in minimum time.

About Us

Plant Selection

Our mission is to create enjoyable esthetic designs that are well balanced with nature. In order to reach that we are aware that the plant selection should be accurate and made by our knowledgable staff.

Our staff will choose for your space the best plants taking into account lighting,  temperature, and your routine. Add to that we work with the best plant providers in the market to ensure good quality plants and their accessories.

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